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Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe ist der Leitgedanke unserer Arbeit

 About us

Afrika’s People – Africa’s Power e.V., founded in July 2016

APAP - statute.pdf (314.91KB)
APAP - statute.pdf (314.91KB)

Our Goals

Assistance for self-help is the guiding principle of our work!

Still, 36 of the 49 countries of sub-Saharan Africa are among the least developed and poor countries in the world. But the people in the villages and cities in Africa have concepts. The want to implement projects for better living conditions of themselves and their children. 

In order to realize their projects, however they often need support and we give this support. Together we plan and implement the projects. It is a cooperation on an equal level. The local population is involved in all phases of project planning and implementation. The cooperation on a project is also an important aspect to ensure sustainability.

Our experience and knowledge in the planning and implementation of development projects we make also available to other organizations for their work.

Our experiences  

The most of our members have experiences in the area of development policy and development cooperation. Since many years we are dealing with the situation in African countries, analyzing the causes and discussing solutions.

The intensive theoretical debate led to the cooperation with an NGO in Cameroon in 2011. Together we planned and implemented a project, which finally brought about 3,000 people in Leffe, a small village in West Cameroon, clean drinking water.

Other experience would made in small projects in Togo, Republic of Congo and Cameroon.


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